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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Eye Breaks

  • Refocus eyes away from the monitor to across the room for 5 seconds every 15 minutes of monitor viewing. Look at objects that are varying distances from your computer.
  • Perform several rapid and quick blinks to the eyes several times to rewet and refocus during this eye break. Application of artificial tears or rewetting drops for contact lens wearers at this time would be beneficial.

Workstation Adjustments

  • Ambient lighting should be available. Avoid harsh brightness changes from the computer monitor to the room.
  • Minimize screen glare by repositioning the computer monitor or source of light to avoid glare and light reflections or consider an antiglare screen.
  • Place the monitor directly in front of you, not off to one side. Adjust monitor sharpness, contrast (adjust to individual comfort), brightness (match room brightness), distance (20 inches to 26 inches), and viewing angle (approximately 15 degrees from eyes to monitor center).
  • A larger monitor with higher resolution and refresh rate (70 Hz or higher) than your current monitor may also be helpful.
  • Adjust your chair so that both feet touch the ground with knees approximately 90 degrees to the floor and elbows approximately 90 degrees to the keyboard. Allow for comfortable thigh support.
  • Exercise when sitting with various stretches and joint rotation. Standing up and moving about is also helpful to keep your blood circulating.

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